Australian Bush Food


Akudjura (Bush Tomato) ground $ 33.00
Aniseed Myrtle ground $ 44.00
Forest Berry Herb ground $ 44.00
Hibiscus Powdered Extract $ 74.00
Kaffir Lime Leaves $ 54.00
Lemon Myrtle ground $ 32.00
Mountain Pepper ground $ 44.00
Native Mint ground $ 44.00
Native Pepper Berry ground $ 68.00
Wattleseed ground/whole $ 41.00

Packaging is as follows:
• Up to 3 kg - inner: plastic bag; outer: cardboard box 25 x 22 x 28 cm
• Up to 10 kg - inner: plastic bag; outer: cardboard box 36 x 36 x 29 cm

All prices are in United States Dollars per 1 kilogram FOB Sydney.

Issue Date: 22.11.2004

Akudjura (Bush Tomato) ground
The milled native bush tomato has a fruity, caramel, sun-dried tomato flavour. It can be used to enhance the flavour of conventional tomatoes but is also wonderful in soups, and as a sprinkle or blend for vegetables, salads, cheeses and pastries. Sprinkle or blend for seasoning crisps, vegetables, salads, cheeses, breads and pastries. It can be incorporated into dressings, pesto and marinades and soup.

Aniseed Myrtle ground
Aniseed Myrtle has a sweet, subtly aromatic flavour and is the native alternative to Aniseed. It appears as a fine green powder with a distinctive aniseed aroma and flavour. It is ideal for tonic teas, ice-cream and other desserts and is complimentary to apricot, peach, almond and chocolate. It can also be used to compliment cheeses such as fetta, seafood and smoked meats.

Forest Berry Herb ground
Forest Berry Herb is a natural berry and fruit flavour enhancer and has similar biological and functional activity to cinnamon. Specifically, the cinnamate content of Forest Berry Herb is refreshing and cooling and also an aromatic stimulant. The flavour and aroma of Forest Berry Herb itself is a mix of passionfruit and berry with a hint of caraway and cumin. There are tremendous application possibilities with dessert and curry formulations.

Hibiscus Powdered Extract
Hibiscus Powdered Extract is obtained from hibiscus flowers and provides a pleasantly sour taste which can be added to beverages, fruit, sorbets, jelly and chutneys. This powder is a vibrant red and is also suitable for crafts such as candle-making.

Kaffir Lime Leaves
Kaffir Lime Leaves are essential ingredients for many Thai recipes. They add a wonderful crisp lime and lemon flavour and aroma to any recipe. These leaves are hand-picked and can be frozen to keep them fresh for many months.

Lemon Myrtle ground
Lemon Myrtle is highly aromatic and has a unique fragrance of lemon, lime and lemongrass and holds its flavour and aroma considerably longer than other lemon flavours; it is caffeine free and non-acidic. Lemon Myrtle is available milled, or as an essential oil. The aromatic quality of Lemon Myrtle enhances ordinary lemon or lime providing the top notes to citrus base flavours. Lemon Myrtle is suitable for use in tea blends, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, breads, confectionary, biscuits, pasta and sauces. It is also used to flavour fish, other sea foods, poultry, mayonnaise, vinaigrettes and desserts.

Mountain Pepper ground
Mountain Pepper is an olive green powder prepared from the milled and graded leaves of an alpine bush native to Australia. This product has a distinctive woody aroma and a hot peppery taste It can be used as a seasoning like conventional pepper or as a flavouring in breads, butter, sauces and even desserts.

Native Mint ground
Native Mint ground is a green powder made from the leaves of the native mint bush. It has a strong savoury taste that is similar to peppermint and its flavour is great in teas, ice-creams and other desserts. It can also be used to compliment other flavours as per standard mint such as lamb and can also be used in marinades, dressings, vinaigrettes, mustards, vinegars, jellies, ice cream, butterscotch sauces, pesto, butter, breads and pastries.

Native Pepper Berry ground
Native Pepper Berry is produced from the fully ripe berries which are milled from an alpine shrub native to Australia. It produces a deep purple to black powder which has a hot peppery flavour suitable for sauces. Use as an Australian substitute for pepper, but with a distinctive, unique flavour. It is wonderful in chutneys, marinades, sauces, glazes, seasoning.

Wattleseed ground/whole
Wattleseed has a coffee, chocolate and hazelnut flavour. It acts as an emulsifier and in cream stops the water from migrating out of the emulsion, strongly stabilising whipped cream products naturally. Wattleseed is absolutely delicious, particularly in cream, ice-cream and desserts. It also has vast applications in Bakery products particularly breads, savoury and sweet muffins.

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