Biostimulants and biologically active additives


Up-to-date methods of creating cosmetics all over the world take into account requirements of the consumers. Cosmetics are not only the means of skin care in order to give it the correspondent externally attractive qualities but also the ones to use properties of integument as a very fast and effective conductor of target components to muscle tissue, the more so, in preparations of external application, unique, widely accepted all over the world, CO2-extracts of dry vegetative raw materials being highly effective concentrates of natural substances in a native state are used. We suggest reducing the time of preparation and muscles warming-up before trainings and sport competitions, by depositing the heating "Biotonus sport" on integument using an easy massage for heavy-weights, a dotted massage (acupressure) - for body builders and swimmers.
This will make it possible not only to decrease considerably the warm-up time before competitions but also to save strengths and potency of a sportsman for a long time keeping muscles in a "heated" state.

developed specially for sportsmen in order to prepare and maintain a maximum effective sporting form, to achieve record results in competitions and trainings.
High content of CO2-extracts of grape and coriander seeds in the preparation will secure the delivery of tonic, moisture-holding and warming up components to your muscles at a cellular level.
The most important part of the preparation is a specially selected composition: ether oils, capsaicin, carotinoids, steroidal saponins, polyatomic phenols, vitamin C.
Thus biostimulation effect of CO2-extract of red pepper is very high and consists in excitation of integument, increase of muscles tonus, strengthening of exchange processes, removal of pain syndromes of muscle tissue weariness and improvement of common feelings.
- easy general massage before the trainings or competitions begin - for weight-lifters;
- easy acupressure of muscles groups crucial by the moment - for body builders and swimmers;
- self-massage of those sections of the body, where one feels weariness or pain;
- after trainings and sport competitions a warm shower is necessary to
remove the slag pollution from skin surface.

Sport Formula 1:
Chili CO2 extract 50%
Grape seeds CO2 extract - 25%
Clove CO2 extract - 25%

Base oil : concentrate = 10 : 1

Sport Formula 2:
Chilli CO2 extract -40%
Grape seeds CO2 extract 25%
Clove CO2 extract - 25%
Coriander CO2 extract - 10%

Base oil : concentrate = 15 : 1

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