Specific benefits of applying subcritical CO2-extracts for confectionary products:

•  Improves product properties, enriching it with biologically active substances, fat-soluble systems of vitamins, natural antioxidants, natural aroma and taste.
•  Increases shelf life of the final products as СО2-extracts are bactericidal due to availability of natural antioxidants, natural preservatives, phytoncids, etc.

The normal filling rates are as follows (in % of the total mass of the final product

СО2-extract of Cinnamons 0.08 - 0.01
СО2-extract of Clove 0.6 - 0.004
СО2-extract of Ginger 0.10 - 0.002
СО2-extract of Pimento 0.10 - 0.01
СО2-extract of Black pepper 0.05 - 0.01
СО2-extract of Aniseed 0.10 - 0.01
СО2-extract of Nutmeg 0.10 - 0.01
СО2-extract of Cardamom 0.08 - 0.002
СО2-extract of Orange peels 0.50 - 0.05
СО2-extract of Lemon peels 0.50 - 0.01

We are also suggesting the use of the following extracts in confectionary industry:

• СО2-extract of Coriander
• СО2-extract of Juniper berries
• СО2-extract of Sage
• СО2-extract of Rosehip
• СО2-extract of Nettle
• СО2-extract of Origanum
• СО2-extract of Hypericum
• СО2-extract of Hop
• СО2-extract of Camomile
• СО2-extract of Thyme
• СО2-extract of Peppermint
• СО2-extract of Anise

The filling rates for the above extracts are ranging from 0.5 to 0.02 percent of the total mass of the product.

The Table below shows approximate replacement rates of dry spices with subcritical СО2-extracts of the same name.

Name of raw materials Replacement equivalent of 1 kg of dry spices with corresponding СО2-extract, kg
Cinnamon 0.009
Clove 0.08
Pimento 0.02
Black pepper 0.02
Aniseed 0.05
Nutmeg 0.045
Cardamom 0.03
Ginger 0.0175

We would also like to offer one more product: raw materials treated with liquid carbonic acid. This form of treatment gives it the following benefits:

• СО2-raw materials are sterile. Oxidized forms are removed from the surface
• СО2-raw materials have longer shelf life as in cellular structure oxygen (an oxidizer) is replaced with carbonic gas (which is a preservative)
• The cells and pores are "opened" due to full or partial destruction of membrane structures; their contents are more accessible for the full use (up to six times)
• All bioactive, vitamin, water-soluble, trace-element, protein and other structures remain in their native unaltered state
• СО2-raw materials may be used both by themselves and also as extractions: (infusions, tinctures, decoctions, both water-based and extracted by other solvents).

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