Cooking oils


When producing a vegetable oil, the question of the efficient use of spicy aromatic raw materials becomes rather important.

The extracts of herbs and spices received using subcritical liquid carbon dioxide (СО2) extraction are absolute substitutes of dry spicy aromatic raw materials for oil manufacturing.

The application of subcritical СО2-extracts allows to fully utilize the natural resources of the plants, to raise the effects and quality of various products. An advantage of the extracts is also the fact that they keep digestible substances, ether oils, water-soluble vitamins and others pharmacologically active compounds of the original plants.

The developed subcritical liquid carbon dioxide (СО2) extraction technology enables manufacturing of high quality food-grade products that meet all the necessary requirements to the highest level. The extracts possess high dissolving ability and are totally free of harmful substances.

The aroma of СО2-extracts is much richer and deeper than the one of the natural dry spices.

Moreover, СО2-extracts increase shelf life of the oil and protect it from rancidity as they contain powerful natural antioxidants. For example, a subcritical СО2-extract of rice or millet bran can prevent fast rancidification of mustard oil, while not changing the taste and smell of the oil.

The best way to introduce СО2-extracts is at the final stage of a technological chain of oil production. In order to save oil's initial properties and improve its organoleptic properties, we recommended using the following subcritical СО2 extracts:

  • parsley - 750g per 1 ton of deodorized oil;
  • dill - 250 g per 1 ton of deodorized oil;
  • dill, celery and pepper - 250 g per 1 ton of oil.

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