Dairy products

Subcritical CO2-extracts for processed cheese manufacturing
Use of CO2-extracts for ice-cream production


Some of subcritical CO2-extracts offered for processed cheeses

Name of CO2-extracts Filling rates of subcritical CO2-extracts, % of the total mass
(mild - spicy) *
Black pepper 0.005 - 0.1
Caraway seeds 0.02 - 0.06
Celery 0.02 - 0.2
Chilli pepper 0.001 - 0.04
Citrus 0.01 - 0.2
Cocoa-shells 0.02 - 0.1
Fennel 0.01 - 0.08
Nutmeg 0.01 - 0.2
Parsley 0.02 - 0.2
Barley sprouts 0.02 - 0.20
Carrots (seeds) 0.05 - 0.20
Echinacea purple 0.005 - 0.05
Grape seeds 0.1 - 1.0
Rosehip 0.05 - 0.20
Wild camomile 0.01 - 0.10
Yeasty residuum of wines 0.02 - 0.10
*Depending on the formulas, increase of filling rates up to 0.4 per cent of the total mass is possible.

dairy productsIt is known that during manufacture of cheeses, most labile components are oxidized. And use of natural oxidation inhibitors which are also useful functional additives, is most promising in comparison with their synthetic analogues. Among them, phenolic compounds have a paramount value. They are present, for example, in CO2-extracts of mint, balm, etc. in the concentrations from 0.05 up to 0.1 per cent.

A lack of provitamin A is made up with introduction of carotenoids. To prevent the oxidation of carotenoids one can use natural antioxidants. Some groups of these natural antioxidants, getting in a person's organism with food, raise stability of its protective systems against harmful factors of environment. These are CO2-extracts of brotherwort, mint, hypericum and vanilla grass.

Application of CO2-extracts as aromatizers and flavour additives allows shading taste of wheyey proteins and manufacturing various processed cheeses with expressed individual taste and smell.

Salt, dry spices, pastes, fats, essences, etc. can be carriers of CO2-extracts. CO2-extracts can play a leading part not only in creation of new aroma-and-taste range of products. Some extracts possessing a number of useful and curative properties do not change the aroma and flavour bouquet of processed cheeses, but enrich them with new properties.


Application of natural CO2-extracts in ice-cream production is a completely technological process. The existence of wide range of natural CO2-extracts from spicy aromatic, medicinal and ether-oil vegetable raw materials, as well as of some waste products of juice production and winemaking, their full and uniform solubility in fats, allows forming a completely new version of ice-cream with biologically active substances received by the cold method too. The filling rates of CO2-extracts or their compounds are 0.002 - 0.050 per cent of the total mass of a product. Specialists of the branch will be attracted by the possibility to unit the taste, aroma and other useful properties of plants in a single bouquet.

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