Introduction of СО2-extracts as additives in laundry and toilet soaps performs several functions at once: protection of skin against defatting, protection against irritation by soap with fat low-molecular acids; it gives soap such specific properties as disinfectant and preventive ones. The wide action range of each СО2-extract, high concentration and equilibrium of biologically active substances, extraction purity and absolute nativeness put this product in a special rank of natural additives for all area of cosmetics. And only a small dosage is required to qualitatively change almost any product. With regards to laundry soap where hands' skin is concerned (skin is very often influenced by soap), for subcritical CO2 extracts we recommend the following rates of the adding:

CO2- extracts Rates of adding
CO2-extracts, %
Coriander 0.1 - 0.2
Seeds of Carrot 0.1
Seeds of Parsley 0.1 - 0.2
Eucalyptus 0.1
Siberian fir 0.1 - 0.3
Rosehip 0.1

Almost the same rates of СО2 extracts are acceptable for cosmetic creams. Besides, the following СО2-extracts may be offered for use in soap making: hop, paniculate sagebrush, camomile, milfoil, calamus, citrus, cereal germs, etc. With the addition of subcritical СО2 extracts soaps will healthfully affect skins' quality. One of the features of all СО2-extracts is a healing effect that it has on injured skin, scratched, weather, peeling or fading skin, etc.

When manufacturing high quality laundry and toilet soaps, adding СО2 extracts is especially effective for problem skin, thin, dry and delicate skin. In that case we even suggest an increase of the extracts' filling rates of up to 0.3% to 0.4% of the total mass.

Overall, formulas of more than 20 integrated СО2-extracts with a wide range of effects are available: deodorizing, anti-inflammatory, reclaiming, humidifying, softening, disinfectant and others.

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