CO2-extracts from herbs and spices

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The primary and everlasting challenge for food and cosmetics factories managers and technologists is to make production less expensive, while finished products better and more healthful. The use of CO2-extracts of spices and herbs can be a very practical solution for this problem.

CO2-extracts of spices and herbs represent sophisticated natural taste and aroma complex of substances extracted from plant cells - volatile and nonvolatile, lipids and non-lipids. CO2-extracts reproduce in full taste and aroma flavors of natural spices and herbs.

What is specific for CO2-extracts among other offers in the market of flavoring additives?
Delicate low-temperature mode of sub-critical extraction by liquefied carbon dioxide (6,5 MPa, 10-25°C), allows to preserve at most all healthful substances in an extract - aroma, taste, vitamins, enzymes unaffected. No other existing method of extraction allows achieving it.
The use of extracts cardinally changes quality characteristics and consumer properties of an end-product.

What is also very important, CO2-extracts considerably improve economic parameters of production - reduce the cost of an end-product, considerably reduce storage expences, raise the accuracy of batching. It is not necessary to worry about bacterial contamination of finished product as CO2-extracts are sterile and have bactericidal properties.

Furthermore, CO2-extracts allow saving of up to 70% of spices, simultaneously improving finished product's taste and flavors.

Also, CO2-extracts enrich food with elements which are absent in synthetic flavoring additives, so that they increase product's nutrient value.

Moreover, CO2-extracts nutritional use makes food functionally curative. Choosing CO2-extracts of different herbs and changing their concentration makes possible to turn food into medicine.

Species extract application rate is from 1 up to 17 g per 100 kg of forcemeat

CO2-extracts for baby food

Use of extracts in baby food allows to enrich the products with elements that are absent in refined food or they can be destroyed during process of manufacturing.

Sausages and semi finished meat products


CO2-extracts successfully replace dry spices and protect end-products from being bacterized, improving product color and fully reproducing aromas of spices. It is possible to receive completely new compositions of taste and aroma which were impossible earlier.

Use of CO2-extracts when manufacturing canned food
gives a product the basic bioactive properties. CO2-extracts are natural preservatives. They contain a group of antioxidants, phytoncids and other substances; allow economizing on dried spices, escape many tons of spices transportation, reduce warehouse area and increase product shelf life.

CO2-extract use in canned fish production
goes beyond comparison. Since 1970's CO2-extracts have been successfully applied in industry of fish processing.

Use of CO2-extracts when manufacturing oils

Being fine aromatizers CO2-extracts give oils new organoleptic properties, provide stability of products against micro-organisms, allow enriching oils with nutritive substances, preventing them from rancidity due to powerful natural antioxidant complex.

CO2-extracts in manufacturing sauces, mayonnaises and dressings
allow avoiding the use of synthetic flavorins and preservatives, making the product natural, full of natural flavors, which can be absolutely new, and allowing to increase the storage period of finished products.

CO2-extracts and their alcohol solutions are efficiently used to aromatize wines and liquors as well as they are very good for production of functional, energy and health beverages. The rate of CO2-extract application are minimal, however, the result is magnificent.

CO2-extracts are natural ingredients for cosmeceutics.

main3Their use in fact makes cosmetics medicinal because they can raise regenerating properties of a cream, form nutritious prospective, humidifying creams, eliminating vitamin insufficiency, lowering asteatosis state of skin, can enrich the cream with biologically active substances.
The lipophilia of CO2-extracts ensures a good action on skin, deep penetration into hypodermic capillaries at a molecular level.
Also, CO2-extracts provide for stability of creams in relation to oxidizing exposures as well as regarding the action of micro-organisms.
Only CO2-extracts allow creating real healthful cosmetics.
The extracts application rate for creams and shampoos is from 0, 01% up to 1% (weight).

Use of CO2-extracts in production of detergents
allows avoiding synthetic odorants which is critical for those suffering from allergy and asthma.

Use of blended CO2-extracts in soap production
makes the product medicinal, conducive to healing of wounds, grazes, scratches and herpes by nourishing and strengthening the skin.

We offer more than fifty (50) CO2-extracts and blended CO2-extracts that can be used for creation of unique compositions and blends.
CO2-extracts contain essential oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids, D-group provitamins, tocopherols (vitamin E), carotinoids (pro-vitamins A) possessing powerful antioxidant properties, vitamin C, B-group vitamins, vitamin K, phosphor-organic compounds, wax, organic acids, ferments and other substances, altogether up to 600 in total number.
All extracts offered for shipment are provided with recommendations on their use. Methods on CO2-extract use are tested and certified.
The recommended replacement rates of dry vegetative raw materials with analogous CO2-extracts and input rates for production are provided.
The application of CO2-extracts in technological process does not require special training and can be implemented by experienced technologist by following our recommendations.
If practically interested you will always get sufficient information or helpful advise on CO2-extract use, standards of input in manufacturing of various products, replacement rates of extracts with dry vegetative raw material, fields of application.

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